Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why do anything?

Why do anything?

Why do anything, when there's so many things that could be unacceptable about what you do?

It could be lame. In fact, people could form Facebook groups and twitter handles just to talk about how lame it is.

It could be unoriginal. Actually, it almost definitely will be. All the good ideas are taken, didn't you know? Ask your peers. They'll tell you. "Oh nice idea. But that's been done before. I think it actually just got funded. $3.2 million. Venture backed. But good luck with that."

It could be a waste of time. Starting something new always is. Think of how quickly you can do nothing and how much longer it takes to do something. 100% longer. Unquestionably a waste of time.

It could be ballsy.  Which is even worse than being lame. Instead of forming Facebook groups and twitter handles to talk about how lame it is, they'll form them to talk about how ballsy you are. Except for they won't use the word "ballsy". No, they won't be that kind.

It could be a flop. A big fat flop. And when that happens, the Facebook groups and Twitter handles will be deserted. And all that's left will be behind-the-back whispers. "Did you hear about so and so's thingamajig? Epic Fail. Hashtag #epicfail."

But maybe, just maybe...

It will help. Not just you, but others.

It will be bold. Ballsy is in the eye of the beholder.

It will be unique. Maybe not the first of its kind, but worthy of its unique existence.

It will succeed. Not right away (see above re: waste of time). And maybe not the first time you try (see above re: flop).

And maybe not everyone will approve (see above re: chat rooms).

But if you allow the "coulds" to have that much power, than why do anything?

Why do anything?