Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My thoughts on marriage...

Before I got engaged I don't think I ever really thought about being married. I always knew that I would get married (I'm a pack animal by nature and clearly a good catch) but I never really thought about what it would be like or feel like to actually be in a marriage. From what I've heard, that's pretty rare for post-pubescent females but then again I also managed to plan a wedding without signing up for Pinterest though so clearly my behavior patterns are not standard for my gender.
It's officially official. #certified

These days pretty much every single person I interact with asks me, "so, how's married life?". Coworkers, friends, clients, strangers...legit everyone seems to be curious about married life. Or maybe they're just being polite...or filling awkward silences...or just saying what they feel is socially appropriate to say to a recently married person. But anyway, in case anyone is really actually curious, here's my take on married life.

I have a little move I like to do when Paul and I are alone just hanging out (and no it's not that kind of a move). Imagine you're playing Win, Lose or Draw and the phrase you have to act out silently is "I'm all in" like in a game of poker. So you reach down towards an imaginary casino table with both hands, grab two imaginary stacks of chips, and push them towards your husband. Yep, that's basically the entire deal.

Marriage in a nutshell is being able to say that no matter what "chips" I have now or may eventually have in the future, I am all in with you. Here's what I got, here's who I am, here's everything I've ever done and everything I'm ever going to do. I will nudge you to live up to your full potential but I will never judge you or discourage you because you and me...we're in this thing together. Hell, high water, baby weight and receding hairlines. Everything is life is a gamble but I think YOU are a pretty freaking safe bet. So much so that I'm not holding back one chip. I am willing to bet my entire self and future self on you.

Oh, and you kinda have to get them to do the same thing in return...And then you can both take a huge breath in and an even bigger breath out and feel like even though things are just beginning, you've already won.

And as of today having received my official Certificate of Marriage in the mail, I am clearly an authority on the topic of matrimony. I'm sure everyone has their own take on it, but that's my little love story for the night. I hope it warmed your heart just a bit.

Side note: how amazingly wonderful is it that my best friend Emily Reeves Grammer's name is also on our marriage license? Icing on the wedding cake.