Monday, April 8, 2013

"I'm NEVER getting drunk again"- everyone

How many times have we all used that phrase? Or perhaps its more extreme cousin, "I'm never drinking again," usually on a particularly dreadful Sunday or Monday morning after a long night/day/weekend/week/(year?) of partying while googling "hangover remedies" even though you know none exist and cursing Starbucks for not being on Seamless...

Even though I used to pride myself on my ability to drink heavily and recover gracefully I've muttered the phrase a time or two. I've certainly heard this from friends a million times though only once or twice did I actually ever take them seriously. Someone in my generation/social circle/industry/city/(world?) saying "I'm never drinking again" is like a dieter proclaiming they are NEVER having carbs again. Uh...yah you are...just not like, tomorrow or maybe just not til next weekend. And maybe that's the reason why I rarely ever swore off booze, even in the depths of my spinny shaky starving/full, tired/wired, dehydrated/dehydrated worst hangover ever: I knew I didn't mean it at ALL and I am not prone to hypocrisy or hyperbole or lying so I just didn't say it. When you were all like " dead. never drinking again". I was like umm...I am...I'll just be vegan and do yoga and workout a ton just to balance it out. I'd be out/partying again in no more than 5-11 days for absolutely certain.

Now I can tell you with absolute certainty that I will never be drunk again. I will never do a shot. I will never have a martini. I will never experience an open bar, or a bottomless brunch, or bottle service again. Sure, I may have 2 maybe 3 glasses of wine maximum in a single day but I will never ever ever be drunk. Good thing I did that a lot this last decade so I don't feel gipped by getting cut off early. And sure, I have curtailed the drinking SIGNIFICANTLY anyway over the past 5 years but now that I found out about my heart condition I will literally quite never even consider being drunk again. Even at a wedding. Even at an open bar event that cost me $100 for a ticket. And I don't care.

If you've ever been told something could potentially kill you by a doctor I really hope you can stop doing that thing and NOT LOOK BACK. I'm talking to anyone with an addiction, eating disorder, or obesity...It's NOT WORTH IT. Pretend that me drinking with a bad heart is like you doing "X" with whatever your Self. Let's say you're 40 or more pounds over weight and you decide to eat processed, greasy, heavy, sugary food regularly. Or you are 20 pounds UNDER weight and insist on not eating for days at a time to maintain your size 0 figure. How is that any different than me drinking with a bad heart other than in its IMMEDIACY? Sure, you aren't going to get diabetes tomorrow and you're not going to have brittle bones and furry skin before this weekend, and it's not even guaranteed that you'll have these problems at all but it IS more than just possible that your action is going to cause disease or death in the foreseeable future.

Why would you do this thing to your SELF? You're one and ONLY self. It pains me to think that so MANY people do not love themselves enough not to harm themselves with unhealthy and destructive habits. It takes one to know one because I am guilty of these behaviors on so many levels, but when you suddenly realize a "truth" like how important REALLY, truly, and earnestly taking care of yourself is, you hope that others could realize it too...

In case you're wondering, drinking alcohol especially in excess (how else is there?) causes blood pressure to drop. That's not a terrible thing unless you have an arrhythmia that's already severely slowing your roll and your pulse rate. When your blood pressure is as low as mine, you're a complete ass if you do anything that could potentially lower it any more. It's like asking to feel weak, dizzy, faint and put yourself at risk for heart failure. Like, not even playing around guys...DEATH. So ya, I will never ever ever be getting drunk again and I am so happy because thank the LORD that I found out about this disorder before I died of a hangover. Can you even imagine? What a way to go!

So here's the summation: I do not condemn drinking. I just condemn drinking in such a way that is likely to cause you excess suffering. And that's a different amount for everyone. Some people are physically fine when they drink but do HORRIFYING things to their "selves" by sleeping with people that don't like them or screaming at people they love. If that's you...maybe scale back a bit. If someone told you drinking was gonna break your heart for real you'd quit right? So why do it when it might just break your emotional-heart?

This can apply to every bad habit we have. Imagine it was life or death that you stop performing this action that does not serve you...that doesn't better you in some way. Sure, it might not literally be life or death...It might seem like it's not even a big deal, but if it's not bringing you up I'm sure Rev Run would say that it's bringing you down.  Could you consider every decision you make with GRAVITY? Maybe it's ALWAYS life or death. One life. One chance. (Cue the Eminem...)