Monday, June 14, 2010

Puppy Love- NYC style

I'm sure some suburbanites might look at my healthy, vigorous 43lb pup and think "oh my GOD! She keeps that dog in an apartment??? Poor thing". I imagine it to be something like those old Pace Picante sauce commercials where the cowboys read their salsa label and find out that it's manufactured in New York City (Neeeuuwww yaaahhwooorkkk ciiiittyyy???).

But seriously though, my Lala- and many other apt dwelling pets get plenty of exercise! Lala runs with me (our standard course is 5.49 miles according to Walk Jog Run and walks to and from my office everyday... not to mention at least 2 additional pee or "let's go see if it's sunny out" walks.

However, the TRUE mecca of Manhattanite pooches is the DOG RUN! The Dog Run is an amazing place. If you wanna get a feel for a neighborhood before you move there- check out the dog run! The dog run up on 72nd street for instance? Most of the people are pretty nice...but they're older...and over-protective...and wary of newcomers. HELLO??? They live on the UWS! They're mostly 45+, Jewish and 2nd or 3rd generation Manhattanites. Nice people, but not exactly the scene for a 26 year old gal and her 14 month old pit mix. Then there's the Chelsea dog run by my office (which is way too small for my taste). Who's there? "Chelsea" gays (snootier, richer, and tanner than your average gay) with pretty puggles playing on their iPhone and a handful of artsy types whose dogs looked as stoned out as they do.

Then there is MY beloved Hells Kitchen Dog run!! The dogs are mostly rescues and the vibe is much like the hood itself. Majority gay, overwhelmingly "middle class" (which in Manhattan means your household makes under $250k), young or young at heart and pretty much cool with everyone who follows "THE RULES". Now don't get me wrong, I loooove my dog run and all (and thankfully my dog is a flawless gift sent from heaven so we are well-liked) but if you rub too many people the wrong way- you WILL be ostracized. People who bring their dogs "in heat", don't clean up their poop diligently, or talk on their cell phone while their dog is attacking someone else's are dog run pariahs.

I have to say, rescuing a dog has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Apart from all the puppy love, maternal devotion, and constant companionship I've actually grown to love the PEOPLE in my neighborhood and my city more. Seeing Lala sauntering down 10th Ave puts a smile on a lot of people's faces...little kids, old ladies, this one particularly butch woman who I always thought was mean until she got all goo-goo-ga-ga on Lala one day. For those of you who know the love of a dog (or would like to) I highly recommend this book .

And just so you know, the reason I don't update my blog as often as I'd like, is because Lala is just so damn cute...bout to go snuggle with her bitch-ass right now!