Saturday, June 26, 2010

PRIDE WEEKEND and why it's the most wonderful time of the year...

I am SO very excited because today (or last night really) marks the beginning of one of the most uniquely New York City celebrations- Gay Pride Weekend! Of course other cities have their gays and their pride (whut up SF BAY) but I don't live in them cities so I ain't worried bout them.

I have many gay and lesbian friends, though I myself am a boring old straight girl. However, I've always felt a little bit like a gay man trapped in a woman's body and I''ll tell you why: 1) I've always had very masculine traits (I can drive and navigate well, I'm usually the "strong" one in a time of crisis, it takes a lot to make me act well, like a woman and cry over some bullshit), 2) I've always LOVED glitz and glamour. No I am not a girly girl...I either like to be in workout/play clothes or in the most ridiculously bright-colored dress with the MOST jewelry and the LOUDEST eye makeup and perhaps even fake eyelashes, 3) I love anyone who tells the truth about who they are.

Being a human and living through adolescence is hard as shit. I cannot even IMAGINE the amount of emotional turmoil a gay/lesbian teen goes through NOR the bravery it takes to officially come out. Sure in the past 10 years or so it's gotten much more socially acceptable to be gay, and to a large degree my generation (oh dear GOD I hope) will not cast out their children for being gay but it's still certainly not an easy path in life. Even in NYC you hear bigotry (just yesterday I heard a bike messenger scream "Faggot" at two guys just for crossing the street a little too slowly). I can't even imagine what gays and lesbians in small, closed-minded, middle American cities go through. Lots of self-hatred I'm sure, and plenty of abuse. They don't even know the meaning of the word "pride" because they've been made to feel so much shame.

If I could pick ONE mission to follow for the rest of my life, it would be to make everyone love themselves a little bit more...And not just the people who fit the status quo or have perfect butts. But ALL people. I love it when I speak to new-to-NYC gays and they tell me how much their life and self-esteem has improved since coming here. They don't feel like outcasts or oddballs. No save that for that weird lady who walks her cat on a leash or the man on the subway clipping his toenails. Gays and lesbians (and in my neighborhood even 6" heel wearing Trannies) are not oddities in NYC. They are a significant part of our culture and man, I can't imagine what this town would be like without them!

So this weekend I am donning my rainbow gear, my brightest "Gayest" smile, kicking up my heels and raising a glass to myself and to all the New Yorkers who allow Gays and all people to feel a sense of pride!