Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Me, Unplugged

The title of this post is a complete oxymoron. I am the DEFINITION of plugged in. My blackberry is my 2nd most prized possession (after my puppy of course). I know I'm not the only one...they do call it the Crackberry for a reason...but recently I've been more aware of my Berry-headness.

In photo albums I am holding my blackberry even more often than I am a drink. I jog with my blackberry. I sleep with my blackberry. In fact unless I am submerged in water, my blackberry is in my hand. I recently told my therapist that I DO have blackberry boundaries: "I don't respond to anyone work-related between the hours of 11pm and 6am. Usually, unless I wake up in the middle of the night and happen to look at it and...". And of course he's like...duh of COURSE you have anxiety. You are NEVER at rest. Now, I don't think I have a particularly stressful job by NYC standards, but I am "on-call" at odd hours. There is not a period of time during which I DON'T receive emails or PINs. Other than on Sundays I basically have messages rolling in constantly.

"Are these emails urgent" he asks, "no but...". "What will happen if you don't respond until after 9am the next day"..."nothing but I just...". So basically you get the gist of how the convo went. Even he, a mental health professional doesn't respond to anyone between 9pm and 9am. He has a message that refers them to an emergency contact or he calls them back the next morning. Anyone wanna be my blackberry bootie-call auto-responder??

Even Psychology Today (among many other reputable publications) have covered so-called Crackberry Addiction. But I guess like, with any addiction, you have to be READY to quit. No one can force you... and I don't think I'm quite there yet. Does anyone else feel like crackberry addiction is NECESSARY to be successful in this day and age? And are APPALLED when you hear that someone- with a job no less- doesn't own a blackberry and thus has no clue what is going on during the hours they are not at their desk (I can actually not imagine this. I could imagine waking up tomorrow as a man or with two heads but I cannot imagine being unplugged for more than 7 hours per day). Perhaps I should start chanting the mantra Psych Today recommends: "I own the blackberry, the blackberry doesn't own me".

Ah ones perfect. Time for me, my dog, and my Blackberry Bold to curl up in bed.