Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm ACTUALLY a grown up

So this past weekend, I spent an AMAZING three nights "Down the shore" which is how Jersey people say "at the beach". One of my most beloved friend's fiancee's Mom & Step Dad own a house in Wildwood, NJ and the BF, the doggy, and I were lucky enough to be invited guests!

One nice thing about going to a "parent's house" is how utterly kid-like you get to feel. Other than the fact that we shared beds with boys (o mon dieu!) and drank basically all day long, we were like a bunch dirty 9 year olds at summer camp. We woke up to bagels & lox (and fruit, coffee, hot sausage, eggs, oh...and bloody mary's), got driven on a boat to lovely lunches and got cooked FABULOUS homestyle dinners. I was even given Mucinex-D when my sinuses started acting up :). There was 1 grandma, three sets of real adult couples, and us 4 almost-growns. Oh, and 4 different dogs to keep things interesting. Lala got in a couple spats, but was the ONLY one not to pee inside. Yes, she's quite the little star :)

The highlight of the entire trip though had to be my discovery of silly bandz. For those of you who are unenlightened, the silly band is a slim rubber bracelet that comes in the shape of an animal, fruit, vehichle or other iconic object. ON the wrist they look like crappy flourescent rubber bracelets. But off the wrist...they come ALIVE! Look- a duckie!! A pig! Is that a bear or a rhino? BFF and I fell in LOVE with these creatures and trecked all the way to the end of the boardwalk to find the spot that was selling 36 bands for $5.

Once we had our few measly silly bands on our wrists hanging in the backyard, we attracted the attention of some neighborhood kids. One particularly amazing and precocious 8 year old noticed by silly's and asked if I'd like to see her collection (uummmm, clearrrrllly!!!). So she pulled out a THICK pouch with about 1000 different bandz. I was elated. Floored. Could have played with the bandz forever. This young miss and her "Little Rascals-esque" pack of kids hung with us for the rest of the afternoon which was fun, although I guess her parents should have been a little weirded out that 4 20-somethings are playing with their daughter's bracelet.

She asked me all sort of funny questions "is that your boyfriend?" "are you gonna get a real tattoo" (i have one...showed it to her...and am now her hero). She asked where I live, if this was my beach house and if my school was already out for the summer. Not sure if it was my love of silly bandz, my sloppy side-poof ponytail, my whimsical childlike nautre, or my flawless line-free skin that made her think I was still a school age child, but I had to break it to her. "I'm actually a grown up."

However, I will NEVER be too old for Silly Bandz!

(and p.s., I generally don't mention anyone by name in my posts to protect the innocent, but if you know who you are and would like to "shout yourself" out in the comments section feel free)