Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok, so this is DEFINITELY not any sort of gossip blog (hello?!? I am using this as a semi-creative outlet...NOT as an outlet for insider gossip that will get my ass fired) but I feel compelled to repost a big of "old news" from the NY Daily News's Gatecrasher column this am:

Other ladies kicking up - and off - their heels after the Met gala include Paula Patton, Bar Refaeli and Kirsten Dunst, who were all spotted dancing ­barefoot at the Standard Hotel bash. Meanwhile, Oprah boogied on a banquette nearby, but, by all accounts, she kept her ­footwear on.

Let's all just let that sink in for a moment...Oprah...boogie-ing...on a her Louboutins...WOW! I have seen a lot of things and met a LOT of people in my eight years living in this crazy city but never have I ever been within shouting distance of the divine Ms. O. It's no secret that I worship her. I'm actually supposed to go to Boom Boom Room tomorrow night - even though I really don't go anywhere cool anymore unless it's for work- and I can't help but think...maybe JUST maybe Oprah will be there. I want her to meet me, like me, make me her personal "event planner" and then just start hangin' with Gail, Nate, Mehmet and Stedman. Doin' whatever I can to keep my dear Oprah happy and keep myself in her orbit. I would GLADLY take my place in Oprah's entourage. Hell, I'd even be Oprah's DOG walker. I'd transcribe every word of her show for her website. I'd respond to her hate mail...I'd...well, you get the picture.

Basically I'm just doin what Oprah taught me and TELLING THE UNIVERSE WHAT I WANT!! I just want a TINY piece of her!!!

And guess who's going to be in my backyard this weekend!!! Lala and I are missing mother's day, but we will be paying homage to Mama O bright and early:

Oprah's Live Your Best Life Weekend