Saturday, May 8, 2010

Introducing..."Beautiful Aunt Amanda"

So just last week, my big sister had a beaaaautiful big eyed baby girl and I became an aunt!! I could not be more excited because first of all I LOVE babies (and children and puppies) and second of all, because my family is just so kick ass. I take all my friends home to meet my parents whenever I can because they really are just THAT awesome. I don't think I'm even that biased...they're just truly the most fun, generous, laid back all around kick ass people. And this BABY gets to have them as grandparents. What a lucky little b-otch!

As exciting as it is, it's also pretty damn weird. In my minds eye, I will always be a round faced 8 year old with ugly orange rubber bands on my braces and my sister will always be a skinny 11 year old in blue umbro soccer shorts and the thickest curtain of bangs you've ever seen. But in reality, we are now grown women and one of us (phew, thank god it ain't me!) has a BABY. Everytime I saw her with a slightly larger belly, it got more and more eerie. I often told her how primitive I thought it was that in 2010 humans still grown their offspring inside their belly like sows and bitches (female dogs, lol). Everytime she told me about feeling a hiccup inside of her or a foot in her ribs, I was literally creepy...and I'm never having a baby. This is like invasion of the frickin body snatchers.

I won't go into the details of her pregnancy and delivery- cuz that's her business not mine- but I will tell you one thing. The morning after the baby came I got a phone call on my way to work from my sis, like I normally do (we talk almost every morning before and every evening after work- daily which I'm sure must annoy her husband who is often in the car when I call to say nothing). However the voice on the phone was not the same voice I was used to hearing. It had changed! Something in the way she said hello... I just knew she was holding a baby in her arms and it was HER baby! She was a mommy. She sounded exhausted, yes, but also peaceful and perfect and like such a mother. I could just tell from her tone that my sister was no longer a snotty 11 year old tomboy wishing her chubby little sister would stop following her around everywhere. She is a mommy and I am an aunt and from now on that baby is going to get so much love from so many people and hopefully, if she is lucky, be a big sister just like mine to a baby sister just like me!

And plus, when she's 16 and entering her rebellious "I hate my parents" years, she can always call up her Beautiful Aunt Amanda and I'll be like "Omg I KNOW! Your mom was ALWAYS such a goody-two shoes. It's cool- just come visit me in NYC." (jkjk)