Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Manhattanites, art imitates life...

This pic is called "A view of the world from 9th Avenue" which is great because a) I live there (directly between 9th and 10th Aves) and b) because this pretty much sums up my world view.

Now of course I am SUPER biased, but more and more lately I've been realizing that the entire world- and especially the media- revolves around NYC. In the past week alone, I've seen 3 people I know personally on reality shoes (Erin from "The City" was my client for an event a few years back, Steve Salvesen - the expeditor from "Nine by Design" is also the expeditor for my company, and a former coworker of mine was just featured on the HGTV show "Selling New York").

When you look at a magazine like Lucky or Allure or Glamour and a random "normal person" is profiled (Jennifer, 27, media planner), the chances are VERY hight that they live in NYC. I've had friends profiled as "Couples of the Month" in Cosmo, featured in Lucky as up-and-coming-trendsetters and photographed in Vogue. I even had one client (what the HELL was she thinking) do one of those Allure features where they show themselves looking disgusting and fat in a bathing suit then profile their weight loss over the course of eight months. I wouldn't even pose in a magazine at my CURRENT weight for less than $10,000- let alone do it if I was 5'4" and 190lbs. I could never look her in the eye again after seeing those photos.

This week, the entire WORLD is going nutty for "Sex and the City 2" which is basically NYC Porn (ridic figures, jobs, real estate, fashion, etc.). I'm even heading to the Jersey Shore this weekend (set of the country's most talked about show) and got a call from a production company who want me to help produce a party for...none other than the CAST of "The Jersey Shore".

Not that I don't absolutely adore other parts of the country, but if tv, movies, magazines, and music (even though I HATE Jay Z's Empire State of Mind)...y'all suburban folk really seem to sweat us :)