Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web 2.0 is taking over my life (and the world)?

Ok so I have in the past had a sneaking suspicion that writers at the New York Times had implanted a microchip in my brain that allowed them to overhear my ideas and then write about them in the next Sunday's Style section... (I LOVE YOU NY TIMES).

So now I'm wondering, if it is a coincidence that the day after I decide to start a blog (me, who was sooo anti twitter and the like for so long) NY Mag devotes its cover story to young NYtrepeneurs using online social networks to make their name (and perhaps even a dollar or two...if not their fortune)?

Ok...just to be clear, I don't really think that any magazine or newspapers are inside my brain (and if I ever start to, I promise to renew my 'scripts). Maybe this just means that Web 2.0 has reached a tipping point and I picked like, the last possible pre-tip date to join the revolution...

And on a serious note: Can anyone recommend a good site/blog for learning about the internet?? Like, for reals? I am failing to learn the difference between "digg" and "reddit" and "RSS" and "Feedburner" and well, you catch my drift. I am trying to learn this crap now before I become and old dog 1.0 with no ability to learn new tricks!