Monday, April 26, 2010

My first foray into parenthood!

Anyone who knows me in the REAL world, knows my dog. My princess. My Lala.

I've been a dog lover my whole life but it took me about 7 years of living on my own before I felt even close to ready to be a "mama" in NYC. Then one fateful night about eight months ago I found myself hosting an event for United Action for Animals, a rescue organization that does GREAT THINGS and is run by the amazing Jennifer Panton. So anyway, of the 25 or so stray animals that were lining the red carpet that night, there was ONE particular animal who did more than catch my eye- she literally captured my heart in all of 5 minutes. Before the night was over, "Princess" a 4 month old lab/pit mix who was found as a stray in the Bronx but residing at the "pound" was all mine! I literally broke out my credit card and paid for her to be spayed the next day. On Saturday morning she would be all mine.

The night before I went to pick her up was filled with terror....holy shit WHAT DID I DO?? Sure, I spend my days looking at Daily Puppy but was I really ready for the responsibility? Do I have the time? The money? I went to pick up my angel on Saturday morning and OMG was she GORGEOUS and SWEET! But I seriously had NO idea what I was doing. And it didn't get better immediately...even WITH a very helpful boyfriend and a boss who lets me bring the dog to work and a dog who doesn't like to bark, destroy things, or pee/poop indoors it was still a difficult learning process. I love my dog more than words could even explain and I think I"m a damn good mama, but it ain't easy being responsible for another creature 24/7. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to have an actual real life human baby!!! My biological clock is deeefinitely not starting to tick (maybe it never will).

Anyway for those of you contemplating dog adoption- in NYC or elsewhere- here are some great sites and resources that helped me get over the puppy hump:

The one and only DOG WHISPERER
Lala's Kindergarten teacher!!
GREAT resources for NYC
This is just super funny
This site has cute pics and great info!

(in the pic, my dog Lala is on top and my boyfriend's dog Snowball is on the bottom. Let's just say the "bitch" wears the pants in both the human and pet relationship haha)