Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For once, only the rich folks of NYC get screwed

Po' folks in NYC have to put up with a lot of crap day in and day out. This city just wasn't made for anyone with a trust fund, a sugar daddy, or a banker's salary and the problem is getting worse NOT better (see previous post re real estate).

Today however, the NYTimes reported a bit of news that gives some sweet revenge to those of us who use our feet to walk up the steps of our building and our HANDS (oh the horror) to open our doors. Oh, we also have to go to the post office whenever we receive a package and have to take off work whenever we have work done in our apartment...

When the MTA strikes and/or decides to hike up fares again only the pee-ons suffer. When the doormen go on strike, us little people get to have a nice long laugh at the expense of the aristocracy. Mostly at how ABSURD it is that so many people think they need doormen in the first place. I'm glad the gray lady has validated my lack of sympathy!